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I am Nidhi.

I love cooking specially making cakes and chocolates and other desserts. My friends, relatives and other guests who tried my cakes and chocolates say I make
good ones and therefore I thought of sharing the skill with others. And that's how Bake-It- Up was started.

At Bake-It-Up I teach making cakes, chocolates and other desserts at home. The response so far has been very encouraging, in fact, beyond my expectation. I am happy that I am able to share the art and skill of making cakes etc with aspiring girls and women.




Please feel free to write to me at comments@bakeitup.in if you have any question or comment.







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Class Schedule



Breads, Desserts & Cookies

04th September and 05th September 2015


Cake & Cake Decoration

22nd August and 23rd August 2015


Cake & Cake Decoration

13th August and 14th August 2015